Sellers Terms

These terms and conditions (we refer to them as the “Conditions”) set out the legally binding agreement (we refer to this as the “Agreement”) between you (“you”) when you sell goods or digital content via the Site, and Lisadie Ltd (“we”, “us”).  

It is important that you read and understand these Conditions before agreeing to them.  

A. We may update the Agreement (including the Charges) from time to time. We will notify you by email of any proposed changes. Except in the limited situations described in Clause 1.C below, the proposed changes will not apply until at least 14 (fourteen) days from and including the date on which we notify you about them (and we will set out the date that the changes will apply from in the relevant notification). If a proposed change(s) means that you then need to make technical or commercial adjustments in order to comply with it, we will always give you a longer notice period before the change(s) apply.  

B. Whenever we notify you of a proposed change to the Agreement, you will have the right to terminate the Agreement before the expiry of the applicable notice period. If you do wish to terminate and let us know during that period, the termination will then take effect 14 (fourteen) days from your receipt of the notification. You may also choose to give up your right to terminate by either letting us know in writing or by taking clear affirmative action. For example, submitting new Products during the notice period will be considered by us as clear affirmative action that you wish to give up your termination right, except though where the notice period is longer because the changes to the Agreement require you to make significant technical or commercial adjustments.

C. The minimum 14 (fourteen) day notice period in Clause 1.A above will not apply though where:

    i. we are subject to a legal or regulatory obligation that requires us to change the Agreement in a way that does not allow us to give you that length of the notice period 

    ii. we need to change the Agreement to address an unforeseen and imminent danger that relates to defending the Service, the Site, Customers, or Sellers from fraud, malware, spam, data breaches, or other cybersecurity risks.