SelfCare Sundaze

SelfCare Sundaze

    • £40.00

      Sold by: Riab19

      I am super proud to share my new spring box which is all about taking care of you.

      Each product blends together to encourage you to have a day evening and house dedicating time for yourself. How often do you get to enjoy a pamper session? In the world we live in our minds are already on the next week and never in the moment. With Selfcare Sundaze you can take time for yourself in the comfort of your own home.

      In each box includes:
      Oat and Cinnamon body scrub
      Clay Rhassoul hair and face mask
      Hair and Body Butter crème
      Love Thy self herbal teas – Vitamin C an immune booster perfect for when the change of weather strikes
      Palo Santo with sweet notes of pine , mint and lemon
      Dried Lavender and an affirmation of encouragement whenever you need it.